Arc Therapy–IMAT/VMAT
Machine QA
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The Delta4 family offers:
Precise QA from plan to the last fraction
Delta4AT–At Treatment in-vivo dosimetry for advanced RT
Delta4AT from ScandiDos is new system consisting of a highly stable, high resolution, thin transmission detector. The system monitors the dose administrated to the patient during treatment and insures that the correct dose is delivered to the patient at every fraction. Watch the video …
Delta4PT - Pre Treatment volumetric plan QA
Delta4PT is the system that introduced 3D and 4D dosimetry. The system has been used in the validation of VMAT, RapidArc and SmartArc and uniquely provides isotropic and accurate dose verification from the fraction to the control point. Measured data can directly be analyzed and compared with the plan for the whole fraction and even in gantry angle increments. Watch the video…
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