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Established in 2010, and based in Brussels (BE) and Roissy (FR), the company CYRPA develops non-invasive lasers used for patient-positioning in radiotherapy.  Founded by technical experts and an innovation investment fund, our laser positioning products are currently distributed all around the world. CYRPA has already installed more than 150 laser positioning systems, not only in Europe (where we are located) but also in the USA, Africa and Asia.  
Precise patient positioning is essential for a successful radiotherapy treatment. Lasers in accelerator and scanner rooms are necessary tools for the alignment of the patients relative to the isocenter of the machine. CYRPA’s product range consists of lasers for the virtual simulation and for the treatment room. CYRPA’s HIT product range (fixed and mobile laser systems) includes the SmartPhantom, which allows an automatic calibration of the CYRPA lasers, with the best accuracy (a precision of +/-0,1mm) in the market.
Each alignment system includes the CYRPASOFT software. In 2014, CYRPA presented its new range of alignment and calibration phantoms, the StaticPhantom and the SmartPhantom RT.  Our R&D team constantly develops new products in order to meet customers’ needs. The HIT system optimizes the time spent treating patients and improves the usability for the professionals operating the laser equipment.  
These patient-oriented solutions, reflected by the CYRPA quality label, provide higher quality medical treatments and increased convenience for the practitioner. 
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