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  C-RAD GEMini is a family of new advanced systems for on board imaging e.g. Cone Beam CT, MV Cone Beam CT and EPID applications in the radiotherapy treatment process. As the development of treatment techniques has enabled higher levels of accuracy in the treatment with higher doses, there is also an increasing demand for better accuracy in monitoring the tumor/target position and movements.
Anthropomorphic Thorax Phantom, 6 MV, 1.6 MU
The image has been aquired at the Siemens AG facility in Kemnath, Germany.
Gemini Brochure
Poster presented at the 2012 DGMP meeting
  A strong trend has recently developed for using the EPID for online verification of the actually delivered dose distribution (so-called Portal Dosimetry), an application for which none of the standard EPID detectors were designed nor optimized. Common problems include gradually degrading performance and short detector life length which will incur substantial costs to the clinic for continually replacing damaged detector panels.
  The C-RAD GEMini ED, tailored for both Imaging and Portal Dosimetry applications, gives you:
  Long expected lifetime
Real-time imaging with no ghosting artifacts
Linear response also during high dose rate treatments
  Deformable Models
With knowledge of the surface movements, a volumetric deformable model is used to predict the influence on the actual target position. This is useful for many applications such as patient positioning and intra-fraction motion detection, where there is an interest in acting on the target position as well as the detected motion on the skin surface. By aggregation of the data collected during each complete respiratory cycle, the clinically relevant time-weighted average target position is modeled.
  Comparative results from radART, Salzburg, Austria
  First clinical images acquired with GEMini ED at radART (Paracelsus), Salzburg, Austria. Image quality matches the standard Elekta iViewGT detector (Perkin-Elmer) while other properties such as high frame-rate, superior radiation hardness and dose rate independence make the GEMini ED an ideal detector for emerging clinical applications including portal dosimetry.
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