The treatment chain
C-RAD AB is a holding company with three subsidiaries; C-RAD Positioning AB, C-RAD Imaging AB and C-RAD Innovation AB. The parent company is responsible for economy, accounting and marketing and sales of the company’s products and solutions. All product development is done in the different subsidiaries.
Business concept
Through detailed knowledge about the radiotherapy business and its customer requirements we shall offer products for positioning, monitoring, tumor localization and radiation therapy.
Our customers are radiation treatment clinics and diagnostics departments in hospitals worldwide. The aim is to contribute to higher level of quality and efficiency at the customer.
The products from the C-RAD group are distinguished by a high level of innovation which is achieved by close collaboration by prominent research institutes and by developing a high level of competence within key areas such as software development and detector technology in radiation physics.
Cancer is a disease that affects about one third of the population in the Western World, which means about 10 millions new cancer patients per year and that there is an increase of about 3% per year. Despite this is it an increasing number of patient cured which is mainly due to improvements in diagnostic and treatment methods.
The main treatment methods are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A typical cancer treatment is often a combination of these methods. The number of patients cured is on average about 50%. With the development of better diagnostic and therapeutic methods and products has the number of patients cured increased more within radiotherapy compared to the other methods and this trend is expected to increase within the next years.
The C-RAD company group is offering four main products:
  • Sentinel – surface contour laser scanning system for patient positioning, monitoring and gating applications. Developed at C-RAD Positioning AB
  • Gemini – detector system for tumor localization, developed at
    C-RAD Imaging AB
  • Orbiter – radiation therapy system for efficient radiotherapy treatment, to be developed at C-RAD Innovation AB
  • BioArtist – a system for biologically optimized radiation therapy, to be developed at C-RAD Innovation AB
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